Custom Printed Labels

Need printed labels for your products or packaging? Our custom printed labels are available on rolls of 250 (minimum quantity 500 labels) with a variety of finishes. Choose from a range of materials including, clear, white and metallic silver film for wide application uses. Choose either a gloss or matte lamination finish and from a range of sizes and shapes to design the perfect custom labels for your business and brand.

Our custom printed labels are for hand application. Please contact our team for machine-applied label information.
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Type Size Apx Volume Templates
Circular Label 1 Inch N/A Download
Circular Label 2 Inch N/A Download
Circular label 3 Inch N/A Download
Circular Label 4 Inch N/A Download
Circular Label 5 Inch N/A Download
Rectangular Label with Rounded Corners 3 Inch x 3 Inch N/A Download
Rectangular Label with Rounded Corners 4 Inch x 4 Inch N/A Download
Rectangular Label with Square Corners 3 Inch x 3 Inch N/A Download
Rectangular Label with Square Corners 4 Inch x 4 Inch N/A Download

White BOPP Film

  • Opacity: Offering a solid white background for vibrant label printing and design.
  • Printability: Allows for crisp graphics and vibrant colors, perfect for high-quality label applications.
  • Durability: Resistant to water, moisture, tears, and scratches, ensuring labels remain intact in challenging environments.
  • Versatility: Ideal for a wide range of label applications including product labels, packaging labels, and more.

Clear BOPP Film

  • Stunning Metallic Appearance: Reflective and lustrous, resembling metal foils like gold, silver, copper, or holographic effects.
  • Versatility: Ideal for cosmetics, personal care, specialty food and beverages, and promotional materials due to its wide-ranging applications.
  • Water and Moisture Resistance: Provides reliable protection against water and moisture, ensuring label integrity in various environments.
  • Enhanced Durability: The metallic coating reinforces durability, guarding against scuffing and scratching for long-lasting labels.

Metallic BOPP Film

  • Transparency: Clear or translucent, allowing product visibility for glass containers or a seamless "no-label" look.
  • Water and Moisture Resistance: Resilient against liquids, ensuring label integrity even in moist environments.
  • Tear and Scratch Resistance: Strong and tear-resistant, maintaining label legibility in challenging conditions.
  • UV and Chemical Resistance: Guards against fading and degradation from UV radiation and chemical exposure, ensuring label longevity.

Rainbow Holographic BOPP Film

  • Rainbow Effect: Makes your labels shine with vibrant rainbow colors.
  • Eye-Catching Appearance: Grabs attention with captivating holographic visuals
  • Premium Aesthetic: Gives your products a high-end, luxurious look.
  • Versatility: Allows for unique, customized designs for any product or industry.

Below are some key recommendations to keep in mind when creating your artwork. By adhering to these guidelines, you can ensure optimal print quality and consistency in your designs. Let's dive into the details!

Bleed Settings

1/16" Bleed is required on all sides and 1/16" Safe Area Margin is recommended for elements that should not be cut-off.

Color Space

Use CMYK Colors instead of RGB whenever possible. You can upload RGB images into PackStudio, however, please be aware that on output these files will be converted to the CMYK color space and the resulting color output may change.

White Layer

White Ink layers (for printing over silver substrate) must be set up as separate layers and the SPOT colour name as specified as 'White'.

Image Embedding & Resolution

Make sure all images are embedded within the PDF file. The recommended minimum Image Resolution is 300ppi. Rasterized images lower than 300ppi may appear blurry or pixelated. We recommend 800ppi for the best quality when using rasterized artwork on our presses.

Turn Fonts to Outline

Please ensure all text in your PDF file has been turned to outlines.

Additional Artwork Checks

We strongly recommend ensuring your artwork meets these additional checks for best results:

  • Text size is at least 5pt (smaller may become illegible)
  • Line/Stroke thickness is at least 0.25pt (0.09mm)
  • UPC Barcodes measure at least 1" from left to right edge of the bars.
  • QR Codes are at least 0.4" (1cm) wide/high.
  • Do not use the “Registration” color for black artwork. We recommend CMYK: 77/70/70/100 for Rich Black.

Brand your products with custom printed labels

Looking to add a professional touch to your packaging? Say hello to our custom printed labels! Whether you're labeling products, shipping boxes, or promotional materials, our printed labels are the perfect way to showcase your brand's identity.

At Packstudio, we believe in giving you the tools to make your brand stand out. Customize your labels with the design, size, and materials that best represent your brand, ensuring that every label you apply enhances your packaging and leaves a lasting impression on your customers

About Us

Got questions about printed labels?

Welcome to the FAQ section dedicated to our custom printed labels! Whether you're a labeling novice or a seasoned pro, this is your go-to spot for all things Packstudio labels. We're here to provide clarity on designing, ordering, and utilizing your custom labels to perfection.

Talk To An Expert
What are the benefits of using printed labels for product packaging?

Printed labels offer numerous advantages for product packaging, including enhanced brand visibility, customization options for branding and product information, and the ability to convey essential details such as ingredients, usage instructions, and safety warnings. Additionally, printed labels can contribute to a professional and polished appearance, making products more appealing to consumers.

What are some eco-friendly options for printed labels

In today's environmentally conscious market, many businesses are seeking eco-friendly options for printed labels. Consider using sustainable materials such as recycled paper, biodegradable adhesives, or compostable label stocks. Additionally, choosing printing methods with low environmental impact, such as water-based inks or digital printing, can further reduce the ecological footprint of your printed labels while appealing to eco-conscious consumers.